Oreo Icecream Flavour (Blueberry Icecream Flavour)

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Oreo Ice Cream Flavour (Blueberry Ice Cream Flavour)

Packaging Markings/Explanations: More writing then one can comprehend. Most Importantly “Oreo Ice Cream Flavor”, and to the right of this, “Blueberry Ice Cream Flavor”

Purchased from and for: With Me convenience store, Seogyo, Hapjeong, Seoul, just under $2.00

Company, Country of Origin: Nabisco, licensed to PT Mondelez, Indonesia

I have been on a Oreo kick, without actually eating them. One of my lovely sister’s bought me the Limited Edition Reese’s Peanut Butter Oreos, which are currently sitting in our freezer at home until my return. I have been all over the interent reading about this Oreo or that one, and finally after more than 45 days, today, during my reintro period of the Whole 30 Diet, I came across these and decided to override the more commonsensical approach to gluten reintro (basic pasta, bread) and buy these sugary packaged things.

I bought these while in Taipei two years back and recall very clearly not liking them at all, such that I did not even finish the package. This particular flavour is not normally available in Korea for wide distribution, but they are occasionally spotted in import snack stores. Made in Indonesia, they are mass-produced for the Malay-Indonesian-Thai, and Taiwanese market, perhaps other countries in Southeast Asia.

I bought them with memories of Taiwan, and truth be told, they were bad. Bad. I’m repeating this so I don’t forget and buy them once again two years later. The oreo cookie minus the creme is certainly and oreo, but the creme is neither “icecream” nor “blueberrry”. The “icecream” moniker is clearly used to catch the buyers eyes. The is creme is exactly like the creme in any other Oreo as far as texture goes. But as for the blueberry, fellow blogger and reviewer has stated the blueberry is accompanied by this awkward minty taste (http://www.bradleyfarless.com/blueberry-ice-cream-flavored-oreos/). Almost like sparkles of mint you find in toothpaste or icebreakers gum. There is an accompaniment of this with a very very subtle fake candied blueberry taste, but this does nothing to make this cookie any better.  

Unlike my experience in Taiwan, I did finish this package however, though the push of this finish was because of my gluten reintro day of the Whole 30 Diet and not because I warmed up to this Frankenstein-esque horror of an Oreo cookie.

Nutritional Details (Whole Package 652Kcal): Serving size 29.4g or 3 cookies (4.5 servings). Fat 6g (Saturated fat, 3g; Trans Fat, 1g); Protein, 1g; Carbs, 21g (11g of sugar; 1 g of fiber), 190mg of sodium. Ingredients: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil), Cocoa Powder, Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Dextrose, Salt, etc.


5 thoughts on “Oreo Icecream Flavour (Blueberry Icecream Flavour)

  1. Last night I bought a pack of those. I like anything that contains blueberry and the fact that it is actually Oreo I didn’t even hesitate to buy it. I still haven’t opened them yet but after reading this… I dont know what to expect :(.

      • Hi, i am from the Philippines. The packaging that we have here isn’t the same as the one in your pictures. It says there “Prime blueberry creme”, I think it’s a special edition for the Transformers. Anyways, I opened the pack and put it on the pancakes I was cooking. Before i put the second cookie, I tasted it and well you’re right. It tasted candy to me, more of like tutti frutti!! Not blueberry :(. The aftertaste was minty too.

      • Hi Diana,

        What a coincidence! I just came from a week-long vacation in Manila! I took photos of so much food and candy and I intend to slowly post it all here! I just tried a bunch of Filipino brand oreos and a very very delicious Oreo called “Action Fruit Creme”. Have you tried it? You must! Stay tuned for my reviews of candies from the Philippines. I’d love to here your thoughts on them too!

  2. Really? That’s nice! Where did you stay here in Manila? Hope you had a great time here. Anyways is the “Action Fruit Creme” is the one with yellow filling?

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